Steady State Pumping: Thiem Equation

Objectives: Determine drawdown around a pumping well under steady state conditions.

1. The following confined aquifer has four wells that fully penetrating the confined aquifer.  The center pumping well has been pumping at a constant rate of 400 m3/day for the last four years resulting in a steady state potentiometric surface.  The water level in MW-1 was measured at 350 meters above sea level.  Using the foldable aquifer answer the following questions:

A. Before making any sort of quantitative analysis explain the general trend in water levels between MW-1, MW-2 and MW-3. 

B.  Determine the water level in MW-2, MW-3.

C.  Describe how the cone of depression would change if the hydraulic conductivity changed to 102 cm/sec (Coarse Gravel) from 10-5 cm/sec (Sandstone).

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